Dr .Bate's Neuroliminal Training Therapies Solves STRESS CD  With SIMPLE Home Therapies

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Like Neurofeedback, it raises the strength of the SMR brain wave and lowers Theta wave to increase concentration. When concentration is increased, then "artistic/creative ability" is often decreased - which is more valuable for your child? It's your decision.This CD works more efficiently for the ADD-Autism in general, as it is similar to Neurofeedback.


This CD does not include lowering Theta for concentration, but includes some special different therapies along with raising the SMR brain waves.
(A 4 page Pamphlet Explaining the use of Vitamin C in Mineral Detox is enclosed)



This CD is an adaptation of the "Special" CD above that is enhanced for Weight Loss. It also includes the four page article on nutrition and digestion. Now you can easily loss your weight buy this CD and loss your weight. You can buy securely through paypal.


How to use Neuroliminal Training (NT)
The usual simple method is sleep therapy. This uses a CD player or computer player playing the NT CD all night long while sleeping. The CD player MUST have a 'repeat' or 'loop' feature so that it repeats the 70+ minute message all night long. One eight hour night playing roughly equals one NFB session.

Another good way is to use the NT CD playing in the background while reading, doing class work, or even working on the computer. The more the CD is played, thegreater overall improvement is seen. Some people have used it for years with only good effects. The longer it is used, the greater the improvement seen!

There is no danger whatsoever to anyone else in the same room. They might lose some annoying allergies as has happened in several reports, but nothing bad can happen. NASA research has shown that lowering the Theta brain wave definitely increases concentration and 'attention'. However, it seems to lower strong creativity or artistic ability. With such ability not at professional levels, there seems no real problem, except in some few autistic "savants". The normalization of such is much more important. If the 'message' doesn't apply to an individual, it is ignored by the unconscious mind, just as we tend to ignore advertising on TV or radio.

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