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Welcome to Dr. Bate's Neuroliminal Training
Neuroliminal Training (NT) is an affordable alternative to Neurofeedback (NFB).
NFB has solved virtually every mental problem for 50 years ( Proof? click here ).
NT does what NFB does - plus much more, all done at home at low cost!

HealthHow it works: Simply play the NT CD while you sleep to solve the stress that is causing your health, weight, sleep or mental focus problems. It's that easy!
Try Dr. Bate's relaxation technique to discover the power of Neuroliminal messaging yourself.
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February 6, 2012:
Robert is almost 2 months in therapy with your CD. He obtained a 90% in the FCAT assesment in reading, one of the most highest scores in the class. Thank you. Robert's doctor said that there is another child who suffers of autism using your CD whose mom has noted a great improvement in one month and a half, the child currently is not having outburst as before he is more calm. Just wanted to let you kno.
(Report from a Special NT CD volunteer with ADHD, chronic PTSD and SADD, Vertigo, multiple allergies, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, PPS, and sleep problems).
Changes in Major Problems past half month: Multiple allergies and sensitivities: Now take antihistamine 3 times a day which is down from the initial 4 or 5 per day. Allergies are much more manageable than before. Still have the stuffy nose/sinuses but eyelids are much less puffy and itchy. Allergic reactions: from very strong reactions to much lessened, hardly any sneezing now and skin allergies have begun to calm down and less itchy.
Vertigo: (dizzy, disoriented) From various kinds of daily episodes to recent 1 second dizzy spells first 2 weeks in April that abort instantly to ending with a switched to several daily split second disoriented moments (or they could be called lapses of memory/disoriented flashes that correct themselves quickly).
ADD/PTSD = BRAIN FOG: Brain fog was high and right now it plateaued of just below medium. SADD: was about medium but recently changed to light episodes that vanish in less than 5 minutes. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, PPS: stamina and ability to be aware of what my body is telling me is up from 10% at beginning to 75% awareness: recognizing that I am fatigue and stressed is so much easier. Sleep problems, difficulty getting to sleep, masses of insomnia: now doing 50% better falling asleep and staying asleep. Still wake early a.m. after 5 to 6 hours sleep, way less insomnia this last 3 weeks - only 3 nights 2 - 3 hours sleep. Minor problems and Symptoms: many skin problems/reactions with roseacia, eczema (wet and dry; both types - red, sore, itchy, dry patches) - seems to be 30% less than before.
(Another volunteer in Special Test) - age 73 Major Problems - Progressive tightening of foot tendons, Fingers turn white in response to cold, Chronic fatigue, Recently (weight loss). Before starting playing your Neuroliminal MP3 I felt that I was on the cusp of becoming decrepit. I was losing weight, my stamina was variable, and I could foresee becoming frail. I was diagnosed years ago with chronic fatigue. Since beginning the program I have gained weight, my energy, enthusiasm and speed has increased, and to my surprise so has my sexual drive. It is wonderful to be alive, and I feel that your program has turned my life around. I'm grateful.
(Another Special Volunteer)Major Problems anxiety depression -- low energy cannot lose weight/ weight gain constant Changes in Major Problems past half month: second time weight has stayed - no increase- very happy with that- feel eventually i can lose- also more and more energy each week, till not a lot - but gradual increase-- anxiety lessens each week. Minor Problems: back spine - arms - tennis elbow- back has ben bad this week and hip- for 2 weeks actually - but it is just from bad sitting or dog jerking my arm when walking Changes in Minor Problems: in general arm and shoulder flare up but recuperate each time.
Just wanted to write and let you know my son is doing so well with his Asperger, and toilet training he is now completly dry at nights and NEVER has had an "accident"! Everyone has congratulated me on this HUGE acheivment, but alas i always say it's to do with the cd he listens to every night, he sleeps better as well.
I would recommend this program to anyone that has a child like mine. For three years I had my son on meds to control his impulsivity and focus during school (he was not that much trouble at home). During those three years, my son did not gain wieght, grow taller and had many stomach aliments. Since being off the meds, my son has gained 14 pounds and has grown 1 and 1/4 inches. He looks great (no more circles under his eyes) and with the help of this CD he is not receiving constant notes home regarding his lack of focus or talking out of turn. My son is receiving mostly A's and B's in school and I really think the CD has helped him achieve a nice balance during his school day.
As an Autism mom and researcher I purchased Dr. Bate's NT CD. I was particularly interested in the fact that this possibly could make improvements in my 15yo daughter's sleep. I had been told by a MD who did a sleep study that my daughter never went into REM sleep. Within days of listening to this CD my daughter voluntarily told me it is helping her sleep and she feels calmer. After about 5 weeks she reported that she can now dream and as a result hates waking up! I find this very significant because this tells me my daughter's brain is functioning better now that her blood flow in the brain has increased. The reason this is transformational in kids with autism is because autism is oxidative stress which means there is not enough oxygen in their cells which affect blood flow.
Sleeping thru w/ 8 hrs of sleep. Stimminess improving even more. Improvement in energy/endurance. We're really excited about these improvements!"
"J" is using language better and can converse a little better. He actually spoke on the phone to a girl for about 20 minutes a few weeks ago. He is still very stimmy, and pretty hyper (but controllable). He is ASD, so we understand it will take a lot more time. (After only 50+ days of use - Autism takes time!)
My daughter was dx with Selective Mutism at age 3. She'd mostly overcome the mutism but the underlying anxiety was hanging on a little. School was the most difficult for her. It took her most of last yr to start volunteering once a week in class. I just got a note from her teacher this yr. She's only been back in school for 2 half days last wk and 2 full days this week. Her teacher says "Just wanted to let you know that she has been doing VERY well...Smiles a lot, gets her work done, volunteers in class. Great Job.
I'm an adult female Psychologist with Insomnia, allergies, night urination, depression (thought to be caused by gluten allergy). Within 30 days, very good improvement despite diagnosis of breast cancer during this time. Sleep problem solved, and allergies lessened considerably. Clearer mind. Depression almost gone even with breast cancer diagnosis. (follow-up after 60 days showed depression, allergy, night urination - all "symptoms" cleared in spite of cancer diagnosis).
My insomnia was so severe that I was terrified that I might run out of sleeping tablets to control it. I always made sure I had a supply on hand at least a week in advance. And even so I would awaken really early in the morning. So I was quite willing to try anything when my practitioner suggested Dr Bate's Neuroliminal. Maybe I was lucky, but I overslept the first night! I couldn't believe it - I actually slept in late. For nearly two weeks after that I slept about 10 hours a night, and I still sleep at least 8 hours. There were other changes as well. A few days after I started the CD, I went to take my first cigarette in the morning, and realised I didn't want it. I went to put it in my mouth, and it felt awful. So I stopped smoking then and there. It wasn't hard. (This is a "sampling" of dozens of testimonials. For complete listing, click here)

All CD’s are guaranteed to give you noticable improvement within 60 days
or your money will be refunded.

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Solving Health Problems Without Drugs.

Stress is the basic problem behind all disease, mental or physical. When stress is relieved or removed, the "disease" is often "cured". Drugs only attack symptoms, not the basic cause - STRESS.
Lowering stress solves the basic problem(s). Neurofeedback (NFB) and Neuroliminal training (NT) both raise the SMR Brain Wave, which lowers allergy stress. This alone solves many depression, insomnia, anxiety, epilepsy and ADD-Autism and other problems. NT and NFB both accomplish this (in different ways), but the difference is that NT is affordable, even to mid and low income families. NFB simply isn't.
Neuroliminal Training Special NT

The earlier NT CD's proved the facts as shown in numerous testimonials and studies and the newer "Special" NT is now proving even more effective in helping to solve many and different health problems for many and different persons. The new "Special" has been used effectively in severe depression, schizophrenia, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, SAD, Arthritis, Diabetes and much more. And, like all NT products, it is guaranteed to help any health problems, or your money will be refunded.
Stress and Age Reversal

Using my own therapies, I have reversed my age from chronological 87 to between 70 and 75. I “lost” 75 pounds without a diet, my former high blood pressure is now 120/70, my diabetic neuropathy is no longer a real problem, and my insulin intake is half what it was 4 years ago. I am now using the above Special NT every night, and I am slowly continuing to become healthier in several ways. (I also still take 4000 mg of ascorbic acid C daily, and other vitamin/mineral supplements (see www.drbate.com/content/integrated.shtml). I am also getting emails from many others who are getting healthier and reversing age using this “Special NT CD” all night every night.
Neuroliminal Training Age Reversal

I now look, act, and feel much younger than I did 14 years ago (when the website pic was made (Sept 2000 in Tblisi Soviet Georgia) where I and Dr Hilsheimer gave a four day symposium to 200+ Soviet MD's (most of whom hadn't been paid in 3-4 months - the Soviet Union was breaking up. We need to put this forward as much as possible. Most of the "other" reversal of age is based on creams that reduce wrinkles, but mine actually "cures" several stresses, and that's much more.
Neuroliminal Training Weight Loss

When it was found that the basic SMR brain wave raising used in Neurofeedback also solved allergy stress, the fact was combined with a "standard" self-hypnosis relaxation technique, and this NT CD was formed. It still solves allergy stress, and the usual stress, but it also loses almost exactly 5 pounds per week for every person. Not fast, but very safe, and healthy. With slightly over 100 sold, none have been returned for refund, and the testimonials are many.
Neuroliminal Training ADD to Autism

The ADD-Autism NT CD has sold over 750 copies and to date only 11 have been returned. The Special has a similar percentage of "satisfaction". What's even more important - Not one single report of any harm or even discomfort reported. Unlike drugs, this therapy is only "good". Used with the Integrated 4 Part Therapy, it is a "do at home" complete inexpensive therapy for the ADD/ADHD to Autism spectrum. Like Neurofeedback, it raises the SMR brain wave, lowers Theta brain wave and increases brain blood flow. Because lowering Theta does decrease high creative or artistic ability, some parents prefer the newer Special NT, which does not affect Theta. With nearly 200 Special NT CD's sold, only one has been returned for refund.